Breakfast at Tiffany's Hunt 2 - APPLICATION

Dear Designer,

thank you much for your interest in joining our hunt as designer !

How to apply ?

1.) Please make sure you read and understand our rules, our guideline and you meet your requirements before applying.
2.) Please fill out your application completely. Each position is required as it helps us to organize the hunt. Incomplete applications will be ignored.
3.) Copy the application below into a notecard, save it and rename it as followed :
BATH2 APP - (your name - your store name)

4.) Teleport to the hunt center. You will find for each hunt one wall. Please drop your application into the application mailbox on the correct wall. Pls do not send it directly to us as we are capped and won't get your application ! Also it is very important to drop your application into the application mailbox and not into our private or any other mailboxes. Our organization team has access to the application mailboxes but not to the private ones, which will cause a huge delay and an even bigger mess.

If you need any kind of assistance, please feel free to contact our Hunt Managers !

Please copy and paste following part into your Notecard :

Hunt Name : Breakfast at Tiffany's Hunt 2
Application Deadline : 07.March 2016

1.) Name of Store Owner (original name, not display name) :

2.) Store Name :

3.) To who do we send the welcome package and the group invite ?
Pls list complete names and titles (alt, assistant, manager, partner, etc.) :

4.) Pls add here your Store Landmark & the SURL of your store (both is required !) :

5.) Sim rating of your store (PG/mature/adult) :

6.) Is age verification required to enter your store ? :

7.) What kind of products do you sell at your store ? :

8.) Please add here your website/blog link, facebook, Flickr, etc. :

9.) Is "run scripts" enabled for everyone in "About Land" of your store ?
Pls check and confirm (Y/N) :

10.) Would you like to be sponsor for this hunt ?
Infos you can find on this website under Designer Info Tab. (Y/N) :

11.) Have you read our rules, our guideline, our requirements and our timeline ?
Please confirm (Y/N) :

12.) Are you okay with joining our Merchants Group and stay in the group till the hunt has ended ?
(also possible with alt, manager, assistant, etc.) Please confirm (Y/N) :

13.) Is there something more which we need to know ? Please let us know here :

Thank you much for applying !
Please give us a few days and you will hear from us as fast as possible.
If you need any kind of assistance, please contact our Hunt Organization Team.

- Yours Fi's Hunts Organization Team -