Info for Hunters

Dear Hunter,

to find the complete hunt path with all store SURLs please do :
1.) go to the OUR HUNTS tab
2.) find the Current Hunt and under the poster, click "for more infos" to open the hunt page
3.) on the hunt page right under the poster you will find "For Hunters". Click the slider arrow to open the hunt path page.

A sample of our hunt objects you can find on each poster. Usually it is a cube with the poster logo on it.

Generally our hunts are free hunts and you do not need to buy the hunt object. Just click it and a folder, renamed with the hunt and store name and sorted by store numbers will be send to your inventory.

All of our designers do their very best to make wonderful hunt gifts for you. They spend lots of time, work, efford and often they put lots of money into one gift. If you ever get a gift and you don't like it please don't forget, there might be someone that likes it. And it would not be fair to the designer to complain about a gift. Just delete it and enjoy your other hunt gifts instead.

But if you do like one of the gifts, then please do not hessitate to contact our designer. Our designers are always happy about a "Thank you" or some nice words.

Our Organization Team is trying to make sure that each hunt runs smoothly and everything is updated. However, it happens that a store moves to a new location and forgets to send us an information. If you are ever in the situation to tepelort to the wrong place or an empty piece of land, please contact one of our hunt managers as fast as possible. We can not check each single store daily and here we kidn of depend on your help.

One last thing, if you have some ideas for new hunts or if there are any hunt themes which you are missing, hunt theme suggestions are always welcome !

If you need any kind of assistance, please contact our Hunt Organization Team and we are happy to assist you.

Thank you much for joining us and Happy Hunting !
- Yours Fi's Hunts Team -