Fi's Hunts Presents :

Hunt Theme :

This hunt is going to be all about African Summer. Warm colors, animal print, contrasts, shadows and so much more ...

Join our journey through one of the most beautiful continents in the World, and enjoy the wonderful hunt gifts, that will bring a piece of Africa to your home, created by our talented designers.

All type of designers, that can create a hunt gift matching the theme are welcome to join us !

For Hunters :
To see the complete hunt path with all store SURLs, hints and hunt gift pictures, please click below.

Store Number : 01

Store Name : Fi's Creations

Store Owner : Fiona Scorfield

Hint : On left side where the "Glam" is.

Thank you much for sponsoring our Hunt !



Store Number : 02

Store Name : Lindy Modern & Retro Shoes

Store Owner : Delinda Abbot

Hint : Africa has vast FLATlands!

Thank you much for sponsoring our Hunt !



Store Number : 03

Store Name : Eve Rhosar

Store Owner : Sickly SWEET

Hint : Check inside the cube!

Thank you much for sponsoring our Hunt !



Store Number : 04

Store Name : Basta

Store Owner : Bomboloni Freschi

Hint : Let me move the clothing rack a little bit,

so I can wipe out the dust bunnies!

Thank you much for sponsoring our Hunt !




Store Number : 05

ATTENTION ! Please skip this store ! We are sorry for that.

Store Number : 06

Store Name : Que Rico

Store Owner : Avie Benoir

Hint : Drums in the Instrument Isle    

Thank you much for sponsoring our Hunt !

ATTENTION !  This is an adult sim ! Pls skip if you are not age verified !



Store Number : 07

Store Name : Wicked

Store Owner : Syrdin Morissey

Hint : I wouldn't go up, but look down..

Thank you much for sponsoring our Hunt !



Store Number : 08

Store Name : Redrose Jewellery

Store Owner : Redrose Kohime

Hint : There's nothing that a hundred men

or more could ever do I bless the RINGS

down in Africa" (upstairs Mens)

Thank you much for sponsoring our Hunt !



Store Number : 09

Store Name : Mishmash Fusion

Store Owner : Mystical Edenflower

Hint : Don't be a CHEETAH, your gift isn't hard to find

Thank you much for sponsoring our Hunt !



Store Number : 10

Store Name : Love Everlasting PlantPets

Store Owner : Roxy Bergiere

Hint : The prize is guarded by the lady in the water

Thank you much for sponsoring our Hunt !



Store Number : 11

Store Name : Kitty Shape Wears

Store Owner : VampKat Haven

Hint : Tigers wear glitter

Thank you much for sponsoring our Hunt !



Store Number : 12

Store Name : Sweet Revolutions

Store Owner : Sweetgwendoline Bailey

Hint : climbing the mountains, were fire will be it will be

very hot, until you can see me.

Thank you much for sponsoring our Hunt !



Store Number : 13

Store Name : SANNA SCIENCE and ART

Store Owner : Sanna Jupiter

Hint : Not very popular in Africa I guess :-))

Although ...  it could be cold through the nights !



Store Number : 14

Store Name : Rupsy Roo

Store Owner : AllyCat Foxtrot

Hint : I can hold your coffee, magazines and offer a place

to prop up your tired feet.



Store Number : 15

Store Name : Stitches Creations

Store Owner : Stitches Bade

Hint :   I love to read!



Store Number : 16

Store Name : BooWillow

Store Owner : 8isgratdntblate

Hint : Everyone Loves Gifts!



Store Number : 17

Store Name : Bees Heaven Shop

Store Owner : SumSum Larnia  

Hint : I guess African spiders are bigger than European spiders o.O 



Store Number : 18

Store Name : Darkmatter

Store Owner : Pamela Darkmatter

Hint : These African vases are pretty. 



Store Number : 19

Store Name : Get Frocked

Store Owner : Vampira Voom

Hint : Misty looks upon the gift hidden from view but for all to see (upstairs)



Store Number : 20

Store Name : by Chiana Oh

Store Owner : Chiana Oh

Hint : A new hunt is truly a special event! 



Store Number : 21

Store Name : Kitties Petite Dreams

Store Owner : Kittycat37 Resident / Stuffdreasaremadeoff36

Hint : Hidden by the cats so gotcha



Store Number : 22

Store Name : Nocturnal Needs 

Store Owner : Christine Fearne

Hint : Its the eye of the tiger, the thrill of the chase. 



Store Number : 23

Store Name : Never Ever

Store Owner : Rhana Sands

Hint : Victorian..2 vendors at 1 wall...will show you the place of the gift, at all  



Store Number : 24

Store Name : Cake Fox

Store Owner : Pieni

Hint : "Africa is her name - place - Where we'll be FREE

- Once again (Aswad: Back To Africa)



Store Number : 25

Store Name : D o R k

Store Owner : Vicki Waydelich

Hint : Penguins changing at random moments  



Store Number : 26

Store Name : Imagine Flowers and Garden   

Store Owner : Laurella Benoir 

Hint : Look near the forest pond.



Store Number : 27

Store Name : Kelli Kreations 

Store Owner : Anolie Resident

Hint : Dreaming of Summer

ATTENTION !  This is an adult sim ! Pls skip if you are not age verified !



Store Number : 28

Store Name : HJM Designs

Store Owner : Janine Mortenwold

Hint : I can be spotted by the animal with spots on its back and a cute little dress up its long neck.



Store Number : 29

Store Name : Cheeky Parrot Boutique

Store Owner : Peachalicious Resident

Hint : We didn't hide this one, just left it lion around ;p

(last room on left side)



Store Number : 30

Store Name : Nomiki's Creations

Store Owner : Nomiki Tremmor 

Hint : Elegance can come in Dragon!



Store Number : 31

Store Name : Whimsical Happenings                                                  

Store Owner : Earth Nirvana                       

Hint : "I Like Milk & Sugar in my COFFEE"



Store Number : 32

Store Name : The Willowinds

Store Owner : Aqua Willowind

Hint : At the desk



Store Number : 33

Store Name : EC Designs

Store Owner : Cara Lionheart 

Hint : You won't find much of this in Africa.

ATTENTION !  This is an adult sim ! Pls skip if you are not age verified !



Store Number : 34

Store Name : Emerald Couture

Store Owner : Jiejie Emerald  

Hint : If I was on a Safari I would hate to meet one of these up close and personal.



Store Number : 35

Store Name : Tipsters

Store Owner : Nessie Naidoo

Hint : Where do the animals on the Savannah go to vote?  



Store Number : 36

Store Name : Kittycat Creation's

Store Owner : Kittycat NInetails

Hint : I feel like I am between the pillar and the post.  Only thats the most pillar lookin post I ever saw.



Store Number : 37

Store Name : X-Clusives Animations

Store Owner : Kacey Pomegranate/Jenn Emor 

Hint : Deep in the Jungle you can find lots of great deals. Tiger and Wolf....

ATTENTION !  This is an adult sim ! Pls skip if you are not age verified !



Store Number : 38

Store Name : Shabby Tabby

Store Owner : Rosemaery Lorefield  

Hint : Don't get washed out! Find me where Anchors become art and pillows can save your life!



Store Number : 39

Store Name : Oceane Body Design

Store Owner : Oceane Grumiaux

Hint : I love to mesh myself up at Oceane's. I can see myself.



Store Number : 40

Store Name : Grumble

Store Owner : Allie Munro

Hint : I will wear this and take a dip in the pool... 



Store Number : 41

Store Name : Sigma Jewels

Store Owner : Sofi Trenkins

Hint : Straight ahead ! 




Store Number : 42

Store Name : XL- Creations

Store Owner : Dynam1te Resident

Hint : If a Giraffe lives in the desert, and an Elephant lives by the water, then a Monkey must live in the Trees




Store Number : 43

ATTENTION ! Please skip this store ! We are sorry for that.


Store Number : 44

ATTENTION ! Please skip this store ! We are sorry for that.

Store Number : 45

Store Name : Kaya's Ray of Sunshine

Store Owner : KayaRay Resident

Hint : Swimming with the fishes?



Store Number : 46

Store Name : Making A Mesh

Store Owner : Mandi Blanco

Hint : Vampire bats don't exist in Africa, but if they did, we wish they were as cute as these are!



Store Number : 47

Store Name : MadCat Creations

Store Owner : Madcatclaudia Restless

Hint : shrubbery

ATTENTION !  This is an adult sim ! Pls skip if you are not age verified !




Store Number : 48

ATTENTION ! Please skip this store ! We are sorry for that.

Store Number : 49

Store Name : Country Couture

Store Owner : Jordin0914 Resident

Hint : Back in the old days this was your ride.




Thank you much for joining our hunt. We hope you had lots of fun doing it !
We wish you all the best and hope to see you soon !

- Your Fi's Hunts Organization Team -