Fi's Hunts Presents :

Hunt Theme :

Each merchant is going to hide 5 easter eggs, maximum 10 eggs per store. Each egg contains one hunt gift. As you can see, many many wonderful hunt gifts are waiting for you !

But our easter eggs are special ! From time to time they just disapear !
That's why our hunters have to hurry to grab the eggs before they disapear, or they need to have patience to wait until they come back !

We are going to post all hints, the SURLs, hunt gift pictures and the amount of hidden eggs per store on our website : There will be no hints on the poster for this hunt (because each store has to provide 5-10 hints). Hunters are getting their Hunt Gifts and LM to the next location in folders !

All you need to do is to seach for our hunt object (sample is shown on each poster) and receive beautiful hunt gifts created by wonderful designer !

All type of creators are welcome to join and show their talent !

For Hunters :
To see the complete hunt path with all store SURLs, hints and hunt gift pictures, please click below.

Hints & Pictures :


The golden Egg-Hunting rules for hunters :

1.) In each store you can find between 5 and 10 eggs, depending how many the store owner has hidden. Each eggs is 1 gift !

2.) The egg color in each store is different !

3.) Our eggs disapear for a random amount of time (just a few seconds and never longer than 90 seconds) !

4.) If you cant find the eggs, please use the hints below !

5.) If you still cant find all eggs, feel free to ask in the Fi's Creations group. If you are not a group member yet, just click the hunt poster, rezzed in each store to get a group invite !

6.) Please do not share direct SURLs of the eggs in our group nor in IMs. Be fair and dont be a poor sport !

7.) If you dont like your gifts then just delete them and done ! Just because you dont like it, this doesnt mean someone else doesnt like it either. Each single merchant put lots of time and effort in her/his hunt gifts and thats why complainings about gifts are not permitted !

And last but not least, have fun, fun, fun and good luck !!

- Yours Fi's Hunts Organization Team -

Store Number : 01

Store Name : Fi's Creations

10_-___01_-_Fi_s_Creations   09_-___01_-_Fi_s_Creations   08_-___01_-_Fi_s_Creations

07_-___01_-_Fi_s_Creations   06_-___01_-_Fi_s_Creations   05_-___01_-_Fi_s_Creations

04_-___01_-_Fi_s_Creations   03_-___01_-_Fi_s_Creations   02_-___01_-_Fi_s_Creations   01_-___01_-_Fi_s_Creations

Store Number : 02

Store Name : Sky

Thank you much for sponsoring this hunt !

01_-___02_-_sky   02_-___02_-_sky   03_-___02_-_sky  

04_-___02_-_sky   05_-___02_-_sky

Store Number : 03

Store Name : The Willowinds

Thank you much for sponsoring this hunt !

01_-___03_-_The_Willowinds   02_-___03_-_The_Willowinds   03_-___03_-_The_Willowinds

04_-___03_-_The_Willowinds   05_-___03_-_The_Willowinds

Store Number : 04

Store Name : Mishmash Fusion

Thank you much for sponsoring this hunt !

01_-___04_-_Mishmash_Fusion   02_-___04_-_Mishmash_Fusion   03_-___04_-_Mishmash_Fusion

04_-___04_-_Mishmash_Fusion   05_-___04_-_Mishmash_Fusion   06_-___04_-_Mishmash_Fusion

07_-___04_-_Mishmash_Fusion   08_-___04_-_Mishmash_Fusion   09_-___04_-_Mishmash_Fusion   10_-___04_-_Mishmash_Fusion

Store Number : 05

Store Name : Virtual Textures

Thank you much for sponsoring this hunt !

01_-___05_-_Virtual_Textures   02_-___05_-_Virtual_Textures   03_-___05_-_Virtual_Textures

04_-___05_-_Virtual_Textures   05_-___05_-_Virtual_Textures   06_-___05_-_Virtual_Textures

Store Number : 06

Store Name : MadCat Creations

Thank you much for sponsoring this hunt !

01_-___06_-_MadCat_Creations   02_-___06_-_MadCat_Creations   03_-___06_-_MadCat_Creations

04_-___06_-_MadCat_Creations   05_-___06_-_MadCat_Creations

Store Number : 07

Store Name : B Barbie Style

Thank you much for sponsoring this hunt !

01_-___07_-_B_Barbie_Style   02_-___07_-_B_Barbie_Style   03_-___07_-_B_Barbie_Style

04_-___07_-_B_Barbie_Style   05_-___07_-_B_Barbie_Style   06_-___07_-_B_Barbie_Style

07_-___07_-_B_Barbie_Style   08_-___07_-_B_Barbie_Style   09_-___07_-_B_Barbie_Style   10_-___07_-_B_Barbie_Style

Store Number : 08

Store Name : Greta's Couture

Thank you much for sponsoring this hunt !

01_-___08_-_Greta_s_Couture   02_-___08_-_Greta_s_Couture   03_-___08_-_Greta_s_Couture

04_-___08_-_Greta_s_Couture   05_-___08_-_Greta_s_Couture

Store Number : 09

Store Name : Shanti Bohemian

Thank you much for sponsoring this hunt !

01_-___09_-_Shanti_Bohemian   02_-___09_-_Shanti_Bohemian   03_-___09_-_Shanti_Bohemian

04_-___09_-_Shanti_Bohemian   05_-___09_-_Shanti_Bohemian   06_-___09_-_Shanti_Bohemian

07_-___09_-_Shanti_Bohemian   08_-___09_-_Shanti_Bohemian

Store Number : 10

Store Name : Arcana Antiques & Oddities

ATTENTION ! This is an adult sim ! If you are not age verified, please skip this store !

Thank you much for sponsoring this hunt !

01_-___10_-_Arcana_A_O   02_-___10_-_Arcana_A_O   03_-___10_-_Arcana_A_O

04_-___10_-_Arcana_A_O   05_-___10_-_Arcana_A_O   06_-___10_-_Arcana_A_O

Store Number : 11

Store Name : Imagine Flowers and Garden

01_-___11_-_Imagine_Flowers_and_Garden   02_-___11_-_Imagine_Flowers_and_Garden   03_-___11_-_Imagine_Flowers_and_Garden

04_-___11_-_Imagine_Flowers_and_Garden   05_-___11_-_Imagine_Flowers_and_Garden

Store Number : 12

Store Name : Calma Creations

ATTENTION ! Please skip this store !

01_-___12_-_Calma_Creations   02_-___12_-_Calma_Creations   03_-___12_-_Calma_Creations

04_-___12_-_Calma_Creations   05_-___12_-_Calma_Creations

Store Number : 13

Store Name : Evolving Pixels

01_-___13_-_Evolving_Pixels   02_-___13_-_Evolving_Pixels   03_-___13_-_Evolving_Pixels

04_-___13_-_Evolving_Pixels   05_-___13_-_Evolving_Pixels

Store Number : 14

Store Name : the mustard seed

01_-___14_-_the_mustard_seed   02_-___14_-_the_mustard_seed   03_-___14_-_the_mustard_seed

04_-___14_-_the_mustard_seed   05_-___14_-_the_mustard_seed   06_-___14_-_the_mustard_seed

Store Number : 15

Store Name : "Serenity"

01_-___15_-_Serenity   02_-___15_-_Serenity   03_-___15_-_Serenity

04_-___15_-_Serenity   05_-___15_-_Serenity

Store Number : 16

Store Name : Loordes Of London

01_-___16_-_Loordes_of_London   02_-___16_-_Loordes_of_London   03_-___16_-_Loordes_of_London

04_-___16_-_Loordes_of_London   05_-___16_-_Loordes_of_London

Store Number : 17

Store Name : Cero Style

01_-___17_-_Cero_Style   02_-___17_-_Cero_Style   03_-___17_-_Cero_Style

04_-___17_-_Cero_Style   05_-___17_-_Cero_Style

Store Number : 18

Store Name : Sour Cherry

ATTENTION ! Please skip this store !

01_-___18_-_Sour_Cherry   02_-___18_-_Sour_Cherry   03_-___18_-_Sour_Cherry

04_-___18_-_Sour_Cherry   05_-___18_-_Sour_Cherry

Store Number : 19

Store Name : Twinkle & Dazzle Fashion

ATTENTION ! This is an adult sim ! If you are not age verified, please skip this store !

01_-___19_-__Twinkle___Dazzle   02_-___19_-__Twinkle___Dazzle   03_-___19_-__Twinkle___Dazzle

04_-___19_-__Twinkle___Dazzle   05_-___19_-__Twinkle___Dazzle

Store Number : 20

Store Name : Sanna - Science and Art

01_-___20_-__Sanna   02_-___20_-__Sanna   03_-___20_-__Sanna

04_-___20_-__Sanna   05_-___20_-__Sanna

Store Number : 21

Store Name : Lusty"s

ATTENTION ! This is an adult sim ! If you are not age verified, please skip this store !

01_-___21_-__Lusty_s   02_-___21_-__Lusty_s   03_-___21_-__Lusty_s

04_-___21_-__Lusty_s   05_-___21_-__Lusty_s

Store Number : 22

Store Name : Stitches Creations

01_-___22_-__Stitches_Creations   02_-___22_-__Stitches_Creations   03_-___22_-__Stitches_Creations

04_-___22_-__Stitches_Creations   05_-___22_-__Stitches_Creations

Store Number : 23

Store Name : Cake Fox

01_-___23_-__Cake_Fox   02_-___23_-__Cake_Fox   03_-___23_-__Cake_Fox

04_-___23_-__Cake_Fox   05_-___23_-__Cake_Fox

Store Number : 24

Store Name : Small World

01_-___24_-__Small_World   02_-___24_-__Small_World   03_-___24_-__Small_World

04_-___24_-__Small_World   05_-___24_-__Small_World

Store Number : 25

Store Name : Perch

01_-___25_-_Perch   02_-___25_-_Perch   03_-___25_-_Perch

04_-___25_-_Perch   05_-___25_-_Perch

Store Number : 26

Store Name : Brii Underground Wear

01_-___26_-_BRII_UNDERGROUND   02_-___26_-_BRII_UNDERGROUND   03_-___26_-_BRII_UNDERGROUND


Store Number : 27

Store Name : Grumble

01_-___27_-_Grumble   02_-___27_-_Grumble   03_-___27_-_Grumble

04_-___27_-_Grumble   05_-___27_-_Grumble

Store Number : 28

Store Name : USC Texture

01_-___28_-_USC_Textures   02_-___28_-_USC_Textures   03_-___28_-_USC_Textures

04_-___28_-_USC_Textures   05_-___28_-_USC_Textures

Store Number : 29

Store Name : Pixel Perfect Productions

01_-___29_-_Pixel_Perfect_Productions   02_-___29_-_Pixel_Perfect_Productions   03_-___29_-_Pixel_Perfect_Productions

04_-___29_-_Pixel_Perfect_Productions   05_-___29_-_Pixel_Perfect_Productions   06_-___29_-_Pixel_Perfect_Productions

07_-___29_-_Pixel_Perfect_Productions   08_-___29_-_Pixel_Perfect_Productions   09_-___29_-_Pixel_Perfect_Productions   10_-___29_-_Pixel_Perfect_Productions

Store Number : 30

Store Name : StoraxTree

01_-___30_-_StoraxTree   02_-___30_-_StoraxTree   03_-___30_-_StoraxTree

04_-___30_-_StoraxTree   05_-___30_-_StoraxTree

Store Number : 31

Store Name : Nightmare Design

ATTENTION ! Please skip this store !

Store Number : 32

Store Name : Resplendent Rose

01_-___32_-_Resplendent_Rose   02_-___32_-_Resplendent_Rose   03_-___32_-_Resplendent_Rose

04_-___32_-_Resplendent_Rose   05_-___32_-_Resplendent_Rose   06_-___32_-_Resplendent_Rose

Store Number : 33

Store Name : Harmony Designs

01_-___33_-_Harmony_Designs   02_-___33_-_Harmony_Designs   03_-___33_-_Harmony_Designs

04_-___33_-_Harmony_Designs   05_-___33_-_Harmony_Designs

Store Number : 34

Store Name : Lunar Seasonal Designs

01_-___34_-_Lunar   02_-___34_-_Lunar   03_-___34_-_Lunar

04_-___34_-_Lunar   05_-___34_-_Lunar

Store Number : 35

Store Name : D.o.R.k

01_-___35_-_Dork   02_-___35_-_Dork   03_-___35_-_Dork

04_-___35_-_Dork   05_-___35_-_Dork

Store Number : 36

Store Name : Hapi Rabi

01_-___36_-_Hapi_Rabi   02_-___36_-_Hapi_Rabi   03_-___36_-_Hapi_Rabi

04_-___36_-_Hapi_Rabi   05_-___36_-_Hapi_Rabi


Thank you much for joining our hunt. We hope you had lots of fun doing it !
We wish you all the best and hope to see you soon !

- Your Fi's Hunts Organization Team -