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The world is progressing constantly. New technologies, hypes and fashions bloom like crazy.  Despite all our excitement and curiosity to experience those new things, we still hold on to the past.

We love strolling through the old antique shops, looking for that  almost forgotten treasure. We like exploring our parents and grandparents wardrobes, trying on and rediscovering hot items of their time. And for sure we adore things that remind  us of our own childhood, like typical toys, music and crazy fashion hypes.

The best thing is that nowadays, we can mix those old cool stuff with our new ideas. So bring some retro in our lives and make a creation with a nostalgic eye to the past.

All type of creators are welcome to join and show their talent !

For Hunters :
To see the complete hunt path with all store SURLs, hints and hunt gift pictures, please click below.

Store Number : 01

Store Name : Fi's Creations

Hint : Find the Gacha and look up !


Store Number : 02

Store Name : LC Designs

Hint : I feel so COQUETTE - in this corner

LC Designs won the "Honorary Merchant" spot in our last hunt ! Congratulations !


Store Number : 03

Store Name : Ayva's Attic

Hint : Its always fun to be dancing on the ceiling!

Thank you much for sponsoring "The Retro Hunt" !

TRH_-_03_-_Ayva_s_Attic_-_Hunt_Gift_Picture_01   TRH_-_03_-_Ayva_s_Attic_-_Hunt_Gift_Picture_02

Store Number : 04

Store Name : Mishmash Fusion

Hint : And there's this burning....

Thank you much for sponsoring "The Retro Hunt" !


Store Number : 05

Store Name : Sky

Hint : find the Sky~'s group gift and you'll find me

Thank you much for sponsoring "The Retro Hunt" !


Store Number : 06

Store Name : Virtual Textures

Hint : "All I see is dots"

Thank you much for sponsoring "The Retro Hunt" !


Store Number : 07

Store Name : The Willowinds

Hint : Light up the Nook

Thank you much for sponsoring "The Retro Hunt" !


Store Number : 08

Store Name : {Sickly SWEET}

Hint : Light a candle...

Thank you much for sponsoring "The Retro Hunt" !


Store Number : 09

Store Name : MadCatCreations

Hint : Stairs oh my

Thank you much for sponsoring "The Retro Hunt" !

ATTENTION ! This is an adult sim ! If you are not age verified, please skip this store !

TRH_-_09_-_MadCatCreations_-_Hunt_Gift_Picture_01   TRH_-_09_-_MadCatCreations_-_Hunt_Gift_Picture_02

Store Number : 10

Store Name : BRII Underground Wear

Hint : I love Nic

Thank you much for sponsoring "The Retro Hunt" !


Store Number : 11

Store Name : "Serenity"

Hint : "Don't burst my Bubbles!"

Thank you much for sponsoring "The Retro Hunt" !


Store Number : 12

Store Name : B Barbie Style

Hint : Looks for something every woman needs in her closet.

Thank you much for sponsoring "The Retro Hunt" !

TRH_-_12_-_B_Barbie_Style_-_Hunt_Gift_Picture_01   TRH_-_12_-_B_Barbie_Style_-_Hunt_Gift_Picture_02

Store Number : 13

Store Name : Arcana Antiques & Oddities

Hint : If you want to find me, look at the deeper of your heart.

Thank you much for sponsoring "The Retro Hunt" !

ATTENTION ! This is an adult sim ! If you are not age verified, please skip this store !

TRH_-_13_-_Arcana_Antiques___Oddities_-_Hunt_Gift_Picture_01   TRH_-_13_-_Arcana_Antiques___Oddities_-_Hunt_Gift_Picture_02

Store Number : 14

Store Name : USC Textures

Hint : "Rummage amongst a miscellany for retro stuff"


Store Number : 15

Store Name : Calma Creations

Hint : Some find retro items in the attic packed in boxes


Store Number : 16

Store Name : Forever Cinda

Hint : Please take the TP to the "Buildings" floor.  I am resting in the bar area.


Store Number : 17

Store Name : Twinkle & Dazzle

Hint : Vintage & Retro......Don't they mean the same thing?

ATTENTION ! This is an adult sim ! If you are not age verified, please skip this store !


Store Number : 18

Store Name : B!ASTA

Hint : Some like it hot


Store Number : 19

Store Name : Loordes of London

Hint : totally retro dresses!


Store Number : 20

Store Name : Greta's Couture

Hint : "you can get down with the "Glamoured" girls and still be retro"


Store Number : 21

Store Name : SANNA - Science and Art

Hint : Childhood Memories ... And better than TV ! (Entrance North, Vintage Area)


Store Number : 22

Store Name : LUSTY"S

Hint : Reading a book with the wise old owl.

ATTENTION ! This is an adult sim ! If you are not age verified, please skip this store !


Store Number : 23

Store Name : bees heaven shop

Hint : Italian butterflies are really cute!


Store Number : 24

Store Name : Stitches Creations

Hint : Sunning myself out on the deck!


Store Number : 25

Store Name : Grumble

Hint : Take a seat and listen to the cassette...


Store Number : 26

Store Name : Alli&Ali Designs

Hint : Updo store part, below Lucille. Vendors are sorted alphabetically.


Store Number : 27

Store Name : Feyline Fashions

Hint : An Angel is calling you


Store Number : 28

Store Name : Soulglitter

Hint : Maybe Rocky knows...


Store Number : 29

Store Name : Dahllywood

Hint : I was framed, I swear!


Store Number : 30

Store Name : blah.BLAH.blah

Hint : mustache you to keep looking


Store Number : 31

Store Name : =Axo's=

Hint : You never know what you can find in an old vase...


Store Number : 32

Store Name : Kittycat's Creations

Hint : sittin on top of the world..well on toop of the bar anyhow


Store Number : 33

Store Name : RD Style

Hint : hunts and hunters


Store Number : 34

Store Name : The Broken Glass Boutique

Hint : This song topped the charts in 1968 for the queen of soul Aretha Franklin, but I'm cool enough to hang with the best of them.


Store Number : 35

Store Name : Jovi's Unique Creations

Hint : I'm hiding in a dusty corner


Store Number : 36

Store Name : HJM Designs

Hint : I sleep with the birds

ATTENTION ! Store moved ! LM and SURL are updated !


Store Number : 37

Store Name : An Lema

Hint : "Up, up, and away.....I'm between a window and a hard place."


Store Number : 38

Store Name : Cog & Fleur

Hint : Pretend you work here (yes, there is a "front desk")


Store Number : 39

Store Name : Frogstar

Hint : Mustaches are retro too, right?


Store Number : 40

Store Name : Rainbow's Custom

Hint : I'm right above the winner.


Store Number : 41

Store Name : Tree House Treasures

Hint : boogie on over to this spot to find it


Store Number : 42

Store Name : The Vintage Touch

Hint : The best thing about our VT group is the monthly GIFTS!


Store Number : 43

Store Name : Cake Fox

Hint : "So lift your glass and raise it high - To the beauty of the days gone by" (Tara Nevins: Beauty Of Days Gone By)


Store Number : 44

Store Name : Dani's

Hint : Just Call Me A Bad Guy

TRH_-_44_-_Dani_s_-_Hunt_Gift_Picture_01   TRH_-_44_-_Dani_s_-_Hunt_Gift_Picture_02

Store Number : 45

Store Name : M&M Deco

Hint : I see the bad moon arising, I see trouble on the way


Store Number : 46

Store Name : Viviane Fashion

Hint : Maybe these retro sneakers fit to the gift?



Thank you much for joining our hunt. We hope you had lots of fun doing it !
We wish you all the best and hope to see you soon !

- Your Fi's Hunts Organization Team -