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Fi's Hunts Presents :

Hunt Theme :

I always find it very exciting  to sneak unnoticed into the attic of my grandmother. It is dark, the air is  full of dust and only a beam of light shining through the small window is showing me the way to all the treasures which evoke memories in us.

On a small wooden shelve i found the old radio, that my grandfather loved so much. It already had a crack , but it still seemed to work fine. I went to the old couch and my hand slid over the slightly rough fabric. It was a little bit dirty and blurred, but i still could see the small roses in soft pink. I took one of those fluffy pillows in my hand and even more dust dust kicked up.

In an other corner i saw an old dress of my grandmother, decorated with wonderful ruffles, sewn from a lightweight and transparent fabric.

It was like these old treasures on the attic were showing me a past, telling me stories and at the same time it all looked so elegant. In my mind's eye i saw my grandmother dancing in her livingroom to all those romantic songs played by my grandfather's radio, wearing that beautiful dress on a summerday full of happniess.

I started dreaming that with a little bit of retouch that couch would look perfect in my home. It would give it a cosy and living look. And just couldn't wait to try on that dress. With a little stitch-work that dress would be a great outfit for a summerparty. I would definitely look lovely in it.

It's time to bring beautiful memories alive again, so show us your talent and give your creation a shabby chic look !

All type of creators are welcome to join and show their talent !

For Hunters :
To see the complete hunt path with all store SURLs, hints and hunt gift pictures, please click below.

Store Number : 01

Store Name : Fi's Creations

Hint : Between 60 and 55 !


Store Number : 02

Store Name : Ayva's Attic

Attention ! Please skip this store !

Store Number : 03

Store Name : Virtual Textures

Hint : "I always make a nice entrance"

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Store Number : 04

Store Name : The Willowinds

Hint : "The girl with the pearl earing can tell you more"

Thank you much for sponsoring "The Shabby Chic Hunt" !


Store Number : 05

Store Name : Mishmash Fusion

Hint : "The Doctor has been shabby and chic, so I'ma hang out with his accessories"

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Store Number : 06

Store Name : {Sickly SWEET}

Hint : "Walk along the wall and you'll find me"

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Store Number : 07

Store Name : Sky

Hint : "Figure out the Secret and youll find me"

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Store Number : 08

Store Name : MadCatCreations

Hint : "Pillar"

Thank you much for sponsoring "The Shabby Chic Hunt" !

TSCH_-_08_-_MadCat_Creations_-_Hunt_Gift_Picture_01   TSCH_-_08_-_MadCat_Creations_-_Hunt_Gift_Picture_02

Store Number : 09

Store Name : Miss Jewell

Hint : "Take a gift at Tiffany's (vendor)"


Store Number : 10

Store Name : LUSTY"S

Hint : "This plant sure is dry could use a bit of water what you thing?"

ATTENTION !   This is an adult sim ! If you are not age verified, please skip this store !


Store Number : 11

Store Name : Dahllywood

Hint : "This kitty is tickled pink!"


Store Number : 12

Store Name : Redrose Jewellry

Hint : "Look high look low Might have gone to the corner"


Store Number : 13

Store Name : "Serenity"

Hint : "Endurance is Key!"


Store Number : 14

Store Name : Cog & Fleur

Hint : "I sit in the window and watch the world go by."


Store Number : 15

Store Name : Arcana Antiques & Oddities

Hint : "Follow the music for find me."

ATTENTION !   This is an adult sim ! If you are not age verified, please skip this store !


Store Number : 16

Store Name : Small World

Attention ! Please skip this store !

Store Number : 17

Store Name : Calma Creations

Hint : "every sitting room needs this"


Store Number : 18

Store Name : Cake Fox

Hint : "I played through the spring, whiled away the hours. Lingered with the flowers every day " (Roy Orbison)


Store Number : 19

Store Name : Bayview Market

Hint : "This will protect us from the sun and rain."


Store Number : 20

Store Name : Hapi Rabi

Hint : "The little bird is like a flower"


Store Number : 21

Store Name : Viviane Fashion

Attention ! Please skip this store !

Store Number : 22

Store Name : USC Textures

Hint : "I don't want everybody to see what my sofa looks like" - Marilyn Monroe


Store Number : 23

Store Name : Twinkle & Dazzle

Hint : "Keep this under your hat!!"

ATTENTION !   This is an adult sim ! If you are not age verified, please skip this store !


Store Number : 24

Store Name : SANNA - Science and Art

Hint : "The pale pink ballerina among the wild disco girls :-)"


Store Number : 25

Store Name : The Broken Glass Boutique

Hint : "Grandma could be so flirty sometimes, but she was always alot of fun!"


Store Number : 26

Store Name : Forever Cinda

Hint : "All of this hunting is hard work.  I think I'll take a nap"


Store Number : 27

Store Name : Shanti Bohemian

Hint : "Watch Where You Step! "


Store Number : 28

Store Name : Kenzie's Designs

Hint : "Shine bright like a diamond."


Store Number : 29

Store Name : KaraBaby

Hint : "Be careful not to sweep me under the rug!!"

Attention ! Please skip this store !


Store Number : 30

Store Name : CERO STYLE

Hint : "I am laying under the shaow of green"

TSCH_-_30_-_Cero_Style_-_Hunt_Gift_Picture_01   TSCH_-_30_-_Cero_Style_-_Hunt_Gift_Picture_02

Store Number : 31

Store Name : MouseRabbit

Hint : "Play games on me... You can even dance on me. Come find me."


Store Number : 32

Store Name : Kharanee's Clothing

Hint : "I love water." (second floor)


Store Number : 33

Store Name : Potpourri Designs

Hint : "Mirror, mirror on the wall."


Store Number : 34

Store Name : Ruth's Creations

Hint : "Love is all you need."


Store Number : 35

Store Name : Serendipity Designs

Attention ! Please skip this store !

Store Number : 36

Store Name : the mustard seed

Hint : "i see london, i see france, here's a shabby chic place to keep your underpants!"


Store Number : 37

Store Name : Alli&Ali Designs

Hint : "Between short and braided hairstyles, close to Adriana."


Store Number : 38

Store Name : Soulglitter

Attention ! Please skip this store !

Store Number : 39

Store Name : Brii Underground Wear

Hint : "My grandmother has a dog living in the room" (look left side of the stairs)

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Store Number : 40

Store Name : Greta's Couture

Hint : "Denim Dolls can show off the vintage shabby chic details

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Store Number : 41

Store Name : EASTERLiNG

Attention ! Please skip this store !


Thank you much for joining our hunt. We hope you had lots of fun doing it !
We wish you all the best and hope to see you soon !

- Your Fi's Hunts Organization Team -