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Fi's Hunts Presents :

About the Warm Socks Hunt 2 & Gacha Event :

Fi's Hunts is getting 2 years and in November 2013 we started with our first hunt, the "Warm Socks Hunt". So this year we will have something special for you !

The "Warm Socks Hunt" is coming back and this time we will additionally have gachas in this hunt/event ! Designers can apply for both, but if you don't like to do hunts or gachas, that's also not a problem. Just make sure to tell us in your application if you want to do Hunt&Gacha, Hunt Only or Gacha Only !


Hunt Theme :

It is getting colder and colder and everyone needs them now - WARM SOCKS !
You don't need to learn how to knit, you don't need to learn how to stitch. All you need is your imagination to create something for the cold time of the year !

All type of creators are welcome to join and show their talent !

For Hunters :
To see the complete hunt path with all store SURLs, hints and hunt gift pictures, please click below.


Store Number : 01

Store Name : Fi's Creations

Store Owner : Fiona Scorfield

Hint : Check out the shoes on the left side

Thank you much for sponsoring our Warm Socks Hunt 2 !



The Warm Socks Gacha  !



Store Number : 02

Store Name : Lindy Modern & Retro Shoes

Store Owner : Delinda Abbot

Hint : Did you forget your socks in PARYS?

Thank you much for sponsoring our Warm Socks Hunt 2 !



The Warm Socks Gacha  !



Store Number : 03

Store Name : Redrose Jewellery Store

Store Owner : redrose Kohime

Hint : Sitting safe between Ladies and Men

Thank you much for sponsoring our Warm Socks Hunt 2 !


03_-_Redrose_Jewellery_-_HUNT_-_F   03_-_Redrose_Jewellery_-_HUNT_-_M

Store Number : 04

Store Name : by Chiana Oh

Store Owner : Chiana Oh

Hint : Am I close to being Home Sweet Home?

Thank you much for sponsoring our Warm Socks Hunt 2 !



The Warm Socks Gacha  !




Store Number : 05

Store Name : Mishmash Fusion

Store Owner : Mystical Edenflower

Hint : Step into the spotlight, over coming stage fright and my fear.

Thank you much for sponsoring our Warm Socks Hunt 2 !



The Warm Socks Gacha  !



Store Number : 06

Store Name : Sickly Sweet

Store Owner : Eve Rhosar

Hint : Count the pictures on the wall...

Thank you much for sponsoring our Warm Socks Hunt 2 !



The Warm Socks Gacha  !



Store Number : 07

Store Name : Wocked

Store Owner : Syrdin Morrisey

Hint : Wicked on top!

Thank you much for sponsoring our Warm Socks Hunt 2 !



The Warm Socks Gacha  !



Store Number : 08

Store Name : Magnum Opus

Store Owner : Jag Jetcity

Hint : I don't give hints...just kidding....GACHA!

Thank you much for sponsoring our Warm Socks Hunt 2 !


ATTENTION : This store is on an adult sim.

If you are not age verified, pls skip this store !



The Warm Socks Gacha  !



Store Number : 09

Store Name : Euphoria Couture

Store Owner : Bailey Anton

Hint : Brrr, it's getting cold outside.Time to stock up on some winter gear.

Thank you much for sponsoring our Warm Socks Hunt 2 !



The Warm Socks Gacha  !

                                                         09_-_Euphoria_Couture_-_GACHA_1   09_-_Euphoria_Couture_-_GACHA_2

Store Number : 10

Store Name : Sweet Tea Couture

Store Owner : JasmineFairy Resident

Hint : Put me in, coach! I've been under this bench too long!

Thank you much for sponsoring our Warm Socks Hunt 2 !



The Warm Socks Gacha  !



Store Number : 11

Store Name : Marquesse Pret a Porter  

Store Owner : Deloreen Resident

Hint : I used the stars to find you




Store Number : 12

Store Name : The Cheeky Parrot Boutique

Store Owner : Peachalicious Resident

Hint : Don't drop them on the floor, put your socks here please          



The Warm Socks Gacha  !



Store Number : 13

Store Name : Roxy Bergiere

Store Owner : Love Everlasting PlantPets

Hint : Why do your socks smell like broccoli?                                      



The Warm Socks Gacha  !



Store Number : 14

Store Name : Kittycat's Creations

Store Owner : Kittycat Ninetails

Hint : I like trolleys                                                                               



The Warm Socks Gacha  !



Store Number : 15

Store Name : Tipsters

Store Owner : Nessie Naidoo

Hint : Warm socks for my cold toes are my favorite gift!                     



The Warm Socks Gacha  !

                                                       15_-_Tipsters_-_GACHA_1   15_-_Tipsters_-_GACHA_2

Store Number : 16

Store Name : X-Clusives Animations

Store Owner : Kacey Pomegranate

Hint : Sales Sales everywhere! Seek out the Weekend
FREE PROMO there you will find your cozy prize.                               



The Warm Socks Gacha  !

        16_-_X-Clusives_Animations_-_GACHA_1   16_-_X-Clusives_Animations_-_GACHA_2   16_-_X-Clusives_Animations_-_GACHA_3

Store Number : 17

Store Name : Vertigo

Store Owner : Lunabel Resident

Hint : We all like it free, but just above there
is a nice gift to be found                                                                       



The Warm Socks Gacha  !



Store Number : 18

Store Name : Alli&Ali Designs

Store Owner : Alice Klinger

Hint : In the Braids room, close to Katniss.
Vendors are sorted alphabetically.                                                       



The Warm Socks Gacha  !



Store Number : 19

Store Name : Shabby Tabby

Store Owner : Rosemaery Lorefield

Hint : In a sea of autumn colors,
you'll find me in a room of green                                                         



The Warm Socks Gacha  !



Store Number : 20

Store Name : Country Couture

Store Owner : jordin0914 Resident

Hint : Nice Warm Place to Cuddle.                                                      



Store Number : 21

Store Name : United InshCon

Store Owner : Eldowyn Inshan

Hint : In the Circle of the Elves it feels safe                                        



Store Number : 22

Store Name : Trashed

Store Owner : karma Maesar

Hint : Holly & heels,&  candy filled lace,
my favorite spot in this seasonal space.


22_-_Trashed_-_HUNT_F  22_-_Trashed_-_HUNT_M

Store Number : 23

Store Name : An Lema

Store Owner : AelKennyr Rhiano

Hint : Warm and toasty you will be.
If you come and sit with me                                                              



Store Number : 24

Store Name : Never Ever

Store Owner : Rhana Sands

Hint : if it is cold..take a warm bath                                                 



Store Number : 25

Store Name : Lindy's Clothing

Store Owner : Linda Imtiaz

Hint: Newness Is The Right Place!                                       



Store Number : 26

Store Name : Imagine Flowers and Garden

Store Owner : Laurella Benoir

Hint : Where the snow begins.                                                    



Store Number : 27

Store Name : Mutiny in Heaven

Store Owner : Tympany Resident

Hint : The postman was kind enough to pick up the hunt package
from my workshop and drop it off at my store. When i asked
him where he left it he just looked at me sideways and said
incredulously ... "really? I'd think that'd be obvious!



Store Number : 28




Please skip this store !                         



Store Number : 29

Store Name : Stitches Creations

Store Owner : Stitches Bade

Hint : Hanging out near the dock.                                                        



The Warm Socks Gacha  !



Thank you much for joining our hunt. We hope you had lots of fun doing it !
We wish you all the best and hope to see you soon !

- Your Fi's Hunts Organization Team -