Fi's Hunts Organization Team & Contact Infos


  • Fiona Scorfield (owner, organizer)
  • Mystical Edenflower (hunt manager)
  • Mariana Brentley (blogger manager)
  • Cara Lionheart (hunt & blogger manager)
  • Babigio Bellic (promotion)
  • The Fi's Hunts Service Center is located at : Click her for Teleport

For any kind of help, please contact our managers before you contact Fiona Scorfield as they can help you much faster !

All of us have a mailbox at the Hunt Service Center. Pls use those if we are offline. Please do not send us IMs or Notecards while we are offline as we are capped really fast. Our mailboxes are the savest way to contact us while we are offline.

Please rename all notecards with your FULL NAME + DATE before you drop it in our mailboxes.



     We wish you all the best,
- Your Hunt Organization Team -