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Contact & Support

 Contact :

Please do not send IMs or Notecards while i am offline, BOTH get capped fast. Pls drop a notecard in my mailbox which you can find in my mainstore.

Please rename the notecard with your full name + date BEFORE you drop it in my mailbox.

Notecards which are not renamed will be ignored, simple because i can’t find it in my notecard-inventory-jungle !

Pls note : i am not a pixel avatar, i am a human beeing and i also have a real life. Nevertheless i am often in SL but of course i can’t be there 24 hours per day and 7 days per week ! If you need my help and you can’t catch me online, then pls be patient. Optional you can visit this website for help. Usually i log in regular. If i am longer away, then you can find a message in my profile.

Partner Pages : The Crazy Parrot Club and Bobs Creations

Delivery Problems :

If you are missing one of your purchased items, pls drop a notecard in my mailbox which you can find in my Mainstore.
To be able to help you fast, the notecard :

  • must be renamed with your full name (original name) and date. If you give me a wrong name = i can’t find you = i can’t help you
  • must have the name of the product (best case the SKU)
  • must have included the date of your purchase
  • must have a copy of your transactions history
  • description and details about your problem

Than more information i have, than faster i can help you and you are happy !

Refund :

  •  no refund for copy products
  •  if you bought a broken item, pls contact me and you will get a new one
  •  if you remove scripts, try to manipulate a script or the object and the result is a damaged object, there can’t be a refund
  •  if you bought the wrong item and it is copy, there can’t be a refund
  •  if you bought the wrong product and it is no copy/trans, pls contact me and i can send you the correct product after i got the wrong product back. Pls do not send products to me while i am offline ! I am not responsible if you ignore this and a product is lost because i am capped in less than a few minutes while i am offline !
  •  if you are not happy with one of my products, pls contact me and i am sure we will find a solution together

Thank you for understanding.

Sculpted Objects :

Lots of Fi's Creations items are sculpted, even the flowers !! It looks nice but sometimes sculpted prims can loose its shape or looks a bit scrunched up when you move away. This is neither the bad quality of the items, nor your computer – thats Second Life. You can try to fix it by doing following steps :

  • - Go to Advanced menue on top of your screen. ( If you dont have Advanced there, pls type Ctrl-Alt-D or Opt-Ctrl-D for Mac )
  • - Then select the option “Debug Settings”
  • - In the text field pls type “RenderVolumeLODFactor”
  • - Set it to 4.00 till 5.00

This should help you to make your SL more solid

Changes, Permissions and Customer Work :

It is possible to change objects :

  • the permissions (mod, copy, trans)
  • color
  • size
  • etc

Small things like to change the size or color (if i dont need to make a special texture) i do for free.

I do charge something if you want to have other permissions on the objects, or if the changes takes me more time.

Also i do customer work from time to time. But this also depends how much time i have. New ideas are always welcome, but please understand if i decline a new project.

Scripts :

All scripts are made by bobsknief Orsini. In that way we can control the quality and the lag of the scripts.
If you have any problems with one of Fi’s Creations products, pls contact Fiona Scorfield, and i will help you as soon as possible.

If you want to buy one of bobsknief Orsinis scripts, pls check out his Mainstore, which you can find next to Fi’s Creations Mainstore.

Or visit his Website or his store at Marketplace.

Updates :

As soon as an update of your product is available, we are going to send you your update for free.

To stay informed about new updates and changes, pls join Fi’s Creations Group or check the the Updatepage here on this website.

Marketplace :


All pictures in Marketplace and in my store are made by myself. I try to make pictures which shows the object “as it is”. I do not photoshop my pictures !

Nevertheless i am a builder and not a photographer. That’s why sometimes the objects looks rezzed much better than on the picture. But i DO NOT change the pictures in photoshop to make them look better !

If you want to see the rezzed object, please feel free to visit the Fi’s Creations Mainstore. Most of the objects are rezzed there and if you cant find the object which you want rezzed, please contact me. I am happy to rez it for you, so you can check it before you buy it !



If you bought one of my products in Marketplace, i would be pleased about a fair review.

According Marketplace Policies and Guidelines  "The review should be about the item in the product listing, or about support regarding that item" and "Reviews should not use profanity".

According Marketplace Policies and Guidelines the purpose of reviews is twofold "first, to inform other buyers or potential buyers about the merits, drawbacks, and uses of the item" and "second, to provide feedback on the seller's customer service".



If you have any problems with delivery, pls contact me and i will help as fast as possible. Pls note, i am not responsible when marketplace is messed up, but i am willing to help you and make you happy.

Fi’s Creations Group :

The group is made to inform customer about my products, about updates, discounts, special offers and customer gifts.

I am pretty ok when you talk to eachother in my group, as long as it is in a nice and friendly way.

It is NOT allowed to spam this group ! If you want to sell your horses, cats, dogs, frogs, spiders or whatever or do advertisement for your own business, you will be ejected ! There are plenty of special spam groups which you can use instead. Also i don’t have time for discussions about WHY i ejected you. If you start discussions per IM, i will mute you and you can be sure to be reported !

If someone has a problem with a spammer, pls let me know and i will sort this as fast as possible. I can tolerate a lots of things, but my tolerance for spammer and trouble maker is = 0 !

Fi’s Creations Website :
This page is made to offer best customer support and keep my customer informed about new products.
You will find there a separate page with manuals and descriptions with pictures about products.

If you have any problems and you cant contact me, pls check this page out. Since it is a blog, feel free to leave a message there :)

Resell & Copyright :

It is NOT allowed to resell Fi’s Creations items without my permission ! If you would like to use one of Fi’s Creations products to add to your buildings and to sell it, pls contact Fiona Scorfield before you do it !

Giftcards :

Almost all vendors in Fi’s Creations Mainstore accept giftcards. Giftcards are currently available :


  • 50 L (you pay 40L)
  • 100 L (you pay 85L)
  • 200 L (you pay 180L)
  • 300 L (you pay 270L)
  • 500 L (you pay 450L)

If you need an other amount on your giftcard, pls contact me.

Pls note : discount vendors, special offer vendors, freebie vendors don’t accept giftcards  !

And now i wish you a lots of fun with your Fi’s Creations product and i hope to see you soon in my Mainstore :)
Yours, Fi :)